About Us

EASY 3DTV is founded by three experienced german 3D professionals with years of international expertise in stereoscopic 3D industry.

Experience3 = 360° Solution

EASY 3DTV made 360° solutions deliver the easiest workflow embedded in content creation applications to create stereoscopic 3D contents for 3DTV systems and digital signage.

EASY 3DTV stereoscopic 3D solutions are based on latest industry standards and operate hardware agnostic to fit in your desired applications - making your business more successful.

EASY 3DTV offers worlds smallest Digital Signage Media Players for glasses-free 3D displays - Linux based, HDMI, USB, Ethernet interfaces, Wi-Fi capable, plug & play.


  Easy3DTV 360degree Solution

Digital Signage & Digital Out Of Home (DOOH)

  • Infotainment:
    • Stores, Super Markets, Drug Stores, Car Dealerships,
    • Airports, Stadiums, Railway & Subway Stations
  • Corporate Communications:
    • Entrance Halls, Show Rooms, Events
  • Entertainment & Gaming:
    • Sports Bars, Movie Theaters, Casinos, Arcade, Fun Parks
  • Edutainment:
    • Museums, Universities, Colleges and Training Centers

Marketing & Sales

  • POS/POI:
    • Kiosks, Vending Machines for Malls and Supermarkets
  • Visualization:
    • Real Estate, Resorts, Trade Shows
  Examples of Applications for Glasses-Free 3D Touch Displays

S3D Technology Consulting

Not sure how to start with stereoscopic 3D in your business? With years of expertise in the 3D industry we’ll help you to give your customers an immersive and unforgetable 3D experience.

S3D Integration & Training

With our hardware agnostic approach we will give you the best stereoscopic 3D solution fitting your business needs. Furthermore our stereoscopic experts will lead you to excellent skills in the field of 3D content creation and stereoscopy.

S3D Development

If you’re in need of a customized solution to get stereoscopic 3D running in your enviroment - we will help you with lean, transparent and cost effective development work - saving your budget.

S3D Content Creation

You just want to have your 3D solution running? Ask for our experienced design specialists giving you the most immersive 3D - NO eyestrain and NO headaches. All our partners and clients are invited to join the fast growing community at 3DStockContent.com to find, share and sell all kinds of stereoscopic 3D contents.
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